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X-mas on Boro Hill

Surprises and Revelations

Next North Show Episode:
December 1, 2007, ETG Book Cafe & Neighborhood Stage, 208 Bay Street St. George, 8pm (10 minutes walk from Ferry!)
Only in Staten Island: Santa in trouble

Dear Friends,

Last years' Xmas show on December 1 '06, was mad &6*% fun! So we've booked the same date for this year and will even bring you a new CD - with Xmas songs! (note: this is NOT Vol. III!)

Though the spelling might appear suggestive, the three songs are not X-rated. It's really pretty straight Christmas songs, in English and German, though with some industrial sound bites and an Elvisque monologue by Trish in her own imitation of the local tongue. We're in the final editing process and will put up some MP3 bars some time later next week.

The upcoming Show, "Surprises and Revelations: Xmas on Boro Hill" will be rather political, including some characters and employees from around the hill of boro hall. We'll have a new song dedicated to a financial consultant on Hyatt street. We went through the demolition container in front of boro hall, only to find top-secret plans and plots regarding the fate of our own neighborhood!

Next North Show Episode:
Saturday December 1, 2007
ETG Book Cafe, 208 Bay Street
8pm (starting with guitarist Doug Principato)

ALSO, Another write-up about us: This time in the #12 issue of the off-mainstream-underground über-hip magazine "DigThisReal" ( Apparently we're also on their CD sampler with a song. I haven't had a copy in my hand yet.

These are the main facts. Keep reading below the for a couple of more matters.     

Yours truly,

Trish and Christoph


I can't find my coat! Problem is I don't know where or when I lost it. It must have been some time between the fall of 06 and spring of 07, in north east Germany (Berlin or Goettingen?) or on the US east coast between Philly and Boston. It's black synthetic, with a hood. Good for the fall season. I really liked it and it's probably at a friends or family members place. Give it back! (Hey, I won't be mad..)

Berlin based artist Tino Sehgal (who showed at the Venice Biennale, Tate Modern ... ) is looking for participants for his latest project in New York in December. Tino writes: "am looking for academics, who are well-spoken, have humour, not too related to the art-world and open-minded enough to take part in a piece of mine in Dezember and lets say over 35 or just anybody who is an interesting thinker/speaker."

Let us know if you can help in any of the above mentioned matters - thanks!

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