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What the hell is wrong with Staten Island Cops?

Cops drop teenager in swamp

Here the S.I. Advance did a good job in printing photos of the locations where 2 cops dropped and stripped a 14 year old after they caught him throwing eggs on a car on Halloween night. But it's all OK, because they were just kidding!  

kid dumped
Here's an excerpt from the story from the S.I. Advance

Kidnap count for cops, demands teen's lawyer

Dumping of suspect in remote location on Halloween results in misdemeanor charges

Monday, December 03, 2007

 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- It was a bizarre Halloween incident involving two police officers who abandoned a 14-year-old egg-tossing suspect in a remote location.

 Now there are calls for more serious charges against the two cops.

 When the officers caught the Graniteville teen on the corner of Arlington Place and South Avenue in Mariners Harbor that night, they did not arrest him.

 Instead, police officers Thomas Elliassen and Richard Danese decided to teach the youth a lesson.

 They handcuffed Rayshawn Moreno and put him in the police car's back seat normally reserved for prisoners.

 The cops dumped the teen three miles away at a dark, remote West Shore spot on River Road in Bloomfield next to railroad tracks in front of a utility substation surrounded by marshland and fields of cattail weeds.

 Elliassen and Danese, both of Great Kills, have been issued desk appearance tickets on misdemeanor charges of second-degree unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child. Both are due back in court Wednesday on the misdemeanor counts.

 But the attorney representing the Moreno family believes the two cops should face stiffer charges.

 Jason Leventhal wants prosecutors to charge both men with second-degree kidnapping.

 Leventhal backs his contention with, among others, a 1995 case in which a New York appellate court upheld a second-degree kidnapping conviction based on the "defendant's act of holding her in a place where she was not likely to be found ... a moving car traveling through desolate, rural areas."

Read the whole article at

Click here to read about another insane S.I. cop who, by the way, is also a local guitar god.

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