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Trish and Christophs German-style X-mas Grill Fest

December 16, 2006 - Van Duzer burn-out: St. George, here we come!

Please forgive us. We had to use Karel Gott and his fancy choir as fire fan.

Pics in no particular order. There's a small movie at the end.
All German music: We started smooth and low, with Bach and Mahler, but really got it going with DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Tanz den Mussolini.) Da meinte Simone ganz zurecht: "Da tanzen die alten Saecke!"


Christoph Gluehwein

golden girls

AM Selzer
Ann Marie and Cecilia.

 Hilger isa
Isa, Hilger, Arrow and friend.


Doc Handsome
Only few people took the German theme seriuosly, like Familie "Stein".
Bruce and Gladice
 the persians
The Persians
 Tac party
Best man's better half, Sara.
 Mona Lucie
Donna, Teddy, Fedor.
pour, pour, pour ... never enough Gleuhwein!
Gulp, gulp, gulp.
captain mayer

 grill film
Click here for a short movie.
Dear Friends,

Thanks so much to all of you for partying with us last night! I think with your help we gave this old Tompkinsville a nice last smoke-out. We also have to admit that we completely lost control over the course of events of that evening, starting at around 6.30 and regaining some control at around 8pm. We're sorry for all those that got pushed at the grill or shoved at the grog. But judging by the level of screams and rejoicing from babies and women, men and dog, nobody really was bored. That's priority! Later in the evening Maciek still managed to prepare a huge stew of seafood and mussels, that was impressive as he was already shaky at 5pm. And special thanks to ALL those that gave us a helping hand when we really needed it!

We also have a number cups here, let us know if you miss one.

Frohe Weihnachten!

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