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Trish and Christoph

Songs from the North Shore - click disk symbol to listen or download

title / version / description: Hitsdownload
Please move to Tompkinsville - Vol2 - full length
Vol2 download
TJ, don t you live in that Travis Town no more!

filename: Please_move_to_Tompkinsville.mp3
last upload: 2007-07-26
1239 download
(4,26 MB)
North Shore, Sweet North Shore - Vol I
Vol1 download
Have a Pitcher down at the Storks Nest II.

filename: TaC_north_shore_sweet_north_shore.mp3
last upload: 2006-11-03
1128 download
(2,21 MB)
Bay Street Fellas - Vol I - full length
Vol1 download
Salsa, Merengue and Maledive Fish.

filename: Bay_St_Fellas.mp3
last upload: 2007-07-26
1106 download
(3,69 MB)
Song for Bobby - full length

Song for Bobby from Saturday Night Fever.
To all losers of Staten Island!

filename: Song_for_Bobby_TaC_07.mp3
last upload: 2007-06-26
1130 download
(7,73 MB)
Abschied - german traditional Vol 2
Vol2 download
Island of Joy, Every Thing Goes!

filename: Abschied_TaC_web.mp3
last upload: 2006-11-11
1052 download
(1,10 MB)

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The Return of the Great Blue Heron 2.1
Snug Harbor Veterans Memorial Hall, May 30, 2009

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The Myth of a True Story
Incredible true stories, Oct. 24, 2008.


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