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This is the end of Trish and Christoph

we are looking for your advice!

cindy and bert
Please help Trish and Christoph with finding a new identity.

Dear Friends,

We've decided: It's the end of Trish and Christoph!
We don't aim to establish ourselves as singing funny couple, like Cindy and Bert. Remember, "Der Hund von Baskerville" after Black Sabbath's Paranoid?! No, we simply want to be a very normal band like Judas Priest or DEVO, with a really cool band name, like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum or Abba.

And here's how you can participate:

We'll be collection YOUR suggestion on our guest book. Just log in here and leave a band name that you think suits us. Click on "new entry" and don't forget the safety numbers before submitting.  We've already posted a couple of names ourselves. Click here to see the list of suggested names.

After a couple of months or so, we will create an online poll from which again you, dearest reader, can choose your favorite. After another month or so, the name that has received the most votes shall be our new band name, subject to the condition that it's not completely lame or inappropriate.

If your proposition will be selected, you'll receive FREE BEER! Free beer AND admission to our next concert, a free TaC CD of your choice, as well as a link on our website combined with the great honor to have your name forever linked to ours!

The new name can but doesn't need to show any reference to a couple or any Staten Island related matters.

Please note that this will still be recording Songs from the North Shore, Vol 3 + 4  as Trish and Christoph. And naturally, this won't be the end of the Staten Island Freak Corps!

Stay tuned...

IMG 1337-282-29 Lars WB
Lars "Frank" Christoph and Trish "Jen" E. Mayer think it's about time to for a serious image makeover. Please help them.

photo-1  Lars BR


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