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You are here : North Shore Blog ╗ The Shooting of Jeff Gross

The Shooting of Jeff Gross

It's OK to shoot a hippie, on Staten Island

Some people on this island, like our friend Steven Seagal, can afford bullet proof designer clothes. Not Jeff Gross
Here's a story, whose preliminary outcome received way too little attention. At least that's what I think.
This Kalashnikov, a.k.a. AK-47 was found under Rebekah Jonhson's bed, along with thousands of rounds ammunition.
The Court decided she's no harm to anyone, so she's free. I'm sure an assertive character like her won't have problems reintegrating in society.

Remeber when Jeff Gross, co-founder of the Ganas commune, got shot multiple times, and all the city papers were like "Yeah, hippie dippie peng peng!"
As sick as those headlines were, as incomprehensible is its outcome. In early August Rebekah Johnson was cleared of all charges in the attempted murder. NYPost article .

I don't know why that is but I guess it must have to do with the jury thinking that that commune is something like a Charles Manson madhouse that should be wiped of this island. It's sad, as most of us at the North Shore appreciate the efforts of this group in making Staten Island a more liveable place.

The photo below shows Jeff Gross in early October '08 during a press conference in front of the St. George Supreme Court, announcing the opening of a civil suit against Rebekah Johnson.
Jeff Gross

And this was found in her room alongside with the assault riffle.
Jeff Gross Target

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