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The Return of the Great Blue Heron II

Photo Report from our June ┬┤08 Event at Gallery 6

Now, in comes Wilder, ringmaster of the night. And yes, we did rent a fogger but we weren't allowed to run it. Shoot! - anywhos' to the wild house-beat of mutated bird chirpings,
wilder wild

Wilder is steaming up and freeing the isle for the upcoming freaks, that is the endangered bird species of Staten Island gone completely wild.

First it's the incredible fresh, seasonally aggressive and highly polygynous Red-winged Blackbird, with one male having up to 15 different females making nests in his turf.

Next is the common Sparrow...

followed by the elegant Egret who was nearly hunted to extermination seeking her beautiful white silky plumage, called aigrettes.

And then the Red Ring-necked Pheasant...

... unassuming at first sight, cool, relaxed, cigarette in his bill. But when flushed, he'll go up in the air, vertically. Or worse ...
red necked pheasant2

when encountering male competition in his turf, he will practice his notorious harem-defense polygyny,

, so that once more ringmaster Wilder had to intervene and, for the male audiences' safety, lock this rare bird behind screen doors.
red necked pheasant trouble

But that was not the end of the trouble as due to a wrong line up, Peregrine Falcon and Yellow Finch suddenly appeared together. An almost fatal mistake for the finch...

It all calmed down again when the majestic Swan, that is mother and chicken, appeared at the end to round up the show and to sooth the audiences' nerves.
isa michelle swan

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