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The North Shore dares you!

Spring 08 events on Staten Island's north shore

Hi there,

This is a reminder for some upcoming events on the North Shore.
Staten Island is about to stage its first official music event, "Rock the Harbor." (
As always, when we hope to stage something cool, the city blogs dwell in sarcasm, which is fun. I actually enjoy calling my wife bro. And my father is a son! Check out the rant at:

From what I understand, the headliner, the Budos Band is considered cool even by Brooklyn standards. And the location, Snug Harbor, is a prime spot by city standards. So there's something to start with.

That same weekend there'll also be tons of arts and readings and stuff at the St. George Theatre, at the old Fishs Eddies building on Bay street and some other locations. From what I see there's a whole lot of participants, some real good stuff, and also, in good old Staten Island tradition, some weird stuff. So weird actually that I encourage to attend for that reason alone. Check out the "Art by the Ferry" calendar:

And don't forget that we're hosting our COAHSI sponsored musical revue the following weekend on June 21 at the gallery 6. It's gonna be TaC and the Staten Island Freak Corps in "The Return of the Great Blue Heron II!" For all additional information and why it's not happening at the Paramount after all, go to or directly to

Oh, and I just received notice that the new gallery SHOW on St. Marks Place will open its doors for the first time on Friday the 13th at 8pm.

That much for now.

Yours truly,

Lars Mayer (TaC)

(What is SIFC? Hey, I just came up with that. That's the abbreviation for the Staten Island Freak Corps. To make pronunciation easier, it should read: Sifuc!)
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