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TaC Xmas Show 2008

Get drunk and sing along with Trish and Christoph. Dec 5, ┬┤08 9pm, ETG Book Cafe

Dear Friends,

How you been? We've been good, thanks.

Our latest announcements:

- Start the season drunk and sing along with Trish and Christoph, German style!
Friday, December 5th, ETG Book Cafe, 9pm.

- Help name a ferry!
Remember? In our last October episode, I've complained about our great ferry boats being named after semi successfull politicians or shady business man, and hence introduced a boat named after a true Staten Island Hero, Steven Seagal. We've posted a design proposal here:

We call on you to send us your photo-shopped suggestions so we can add them to our site. More examples for great Staten Islanders (among others): Christina Aguilera, Joan Baez, Vincent Ignizio.

- Please note that TaC's Xmas CD is for sale again. It's been originally recorded for the '07 season, but its ancient songs, celebrating the birth of a very talented baby, are timeless. And, pardon me for bragging again. S.I. Blue Xmas has been aired and notably mentioned on Jersey City's famous WFMU during last year’s season. Probably thanks to Trish and her monologue in native tongue.

- Our new band name:
We've collected enough suggestions and are now ready for step #2. That is, we encourage you folks to pick your favorite name from the final list at and send it in an email to us. Within the next couple of weeks, we will then post the top ten in an online voting system.
Check out the list of suggested names here:

Also, check out our short recap of the Staten Island election results: Palin bumbaye!

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