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TaC receives two grants for '09

Dec ┬┤08 announcement

Hello People,

Last update for this year:

1. We're happy to announce that we've received financial support for 2009 through the Council on the Arts & Humanities Staten Island. Grants by the DCA Art Fund as well as by the NYSCA SI Creative Communities.

That means we can finally pimp up our mini van and spend Xmas in Hawaii. With the rest of the money, we must produce a couple of new North Show episodes, which shall be titled "The Return of the Great Blue Heron 2.1" For that impossible endeavor we still need a few helping hands and/or participants. The shows will take place May 30 at the Veterans Memorial Hall, Snug Harbor, and sometime in September on the grounds of the the Alice Austen House.


2. When was the last time you told somebody "I hate you" on a handcrafted note card with romantic Staten Island scenery? Never? Well, the first time is always hard. We can help you. (Of course, you could also say "Happy Holidays!")
We've reopened one of our many drawers and pulled out a set of Staten Island note cards and even created a few new ones. Example attached. More at:


3. We made it on the cover of the AWE, Staten Island's weekly entertainment guide, in the "Best of the Holidays" issue! It's posted here, or at the SI Advance online.


Also, please look out for the opening of our new band name-seeking poll by the end of December!
- and don't forget about our Xmas CD!


That much for '08. Have a great time and stay tuned.

Yours truly,

Lars Mayer

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Mona LeRoy GBH2 1 very SM
The Return of the Great Blue Heron 2.1
Snug Harbor Veterans Memorial Hall, May 30, 2009

Tobi Tim Dori web sm
The Myth of a True Story
Incredible true stories, Oct. 24, 2008.


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