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TaC March '09 update

Announcing the winner of our seeking-new-bandname-competition

Dear Dudettes, esteemed Guidos,

Trish and Christoph are thrilled to announce the winner of their recent seeking-new-band-name-competition: Uwe K.
Uwe K. came up with: Victory Revolt!

Being a fellow Kraut like Christoph, had nothing to do with the outcome of this democratic online process. More than 23 people submitted over 80 suggestions. 35 people voted. "Victory (Blvd.) Revolt" was closely followed by "Smug Harbor", a play on Snug Harbor, Staten Island's former grand, now decaying cultural complex and "Hummer Attack!", referring to the locals' favorite choice of transportation.

Until now, Uwe was an inconspicuous legal immigrant from the impoverished nation of Germania, a small country in the heart of a continent called Europe. As a direct result of the dire economics of this beaten and humble nation, most Germans became conceptual artists, of which Heino and Helmut Kohl are probably the most prominent representatives.

Victory Blvd is one of the longest streets on Staten Island, spanning over 10 miles all the way from North Shore at Bay Street (the area named p.o.s.i.t.i.v.e. [part of Staten Island that is very ethnic] by ETG's open mic MC Mark Davis) to more unknown parts of the Island in the center west. Its northern part is the lifeline of numerous immigrant communities and ethnic food stores from Mexico, various African countries, Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, to name just a few. Eat out and support thy neighborhood!

Also, we took the occasion and gave our website a little, not a total, makeover. Visit and find out more about Uwe K. in VR's first interview.

Furthermore, we dare to allow us to advice you to save the date for our upcoming show on May 30 at the Snug Harbor Playhouse. We've created a hands-on silk-screened poster for that particular event, see - more details in that matter to follow.

And before I gently close the screen doors for tonight, please take note of the upcoming record-release concert of our big opening act, Brandon Patton (, followed by (partly local) MC Frontalot, the one true mastermind of nerdcore hip-hop, April 17 at Piano's, that is Manhattan.

Yours sincerely,

Lalo Cristóbal
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