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TaC January ´09 Update

Online poll and Christoph on panel discussion

Dear Friends, Family, Fellow Aliens,

Two updates:

You can now cast your online vote for our new band name.
We've received roughly 78 new name suggestion. Out of that bunch, a randomly assigned panel of apprx 15 dudes and guidettes compiled their favorite top ten, posted on our site. You can only see the results after casting your vote. The poll closes and automatically displays results on March 1st.
That's on: (or go to our website and click on Cindy and Bert)

Christoph sits comfortably on a panel discussion this coming Tuesday night at the Cargo Cafe. It's about creating art in your community. Fellow participants are Emcee C.M., Tattfoo Tan amd Chen Tamir. The panel is organized by (new) COAHSI whirlwind Ginger Shulick. She's really shaking that old fossil! They suddenly have a website and a newsletter that's worth checking out.
So most Staten Islanders will ask: What is a panel A? panel is where academics and slackers sit on an elevated platform, enjoying free drinks. Ordinary people sit in the room and may ask questions they always wanted to ask: "Lemmy ax you this: you artists get laid all the time. Why you don't have babies?"
Artist: "Ah, well, that's ... oh sorry, I have to take this phone call  [not right now, I'm on a panel, YES, call you later, love you too] , what was the question again Ah yes, umh, anybody really can be an artist. Most people don't know that but we mostly draw by numbers. And the inspiration naturally comes when drinking a lot. That's also not hard to do!"

OK, enough of that. Here's the information:

Tuesday, January 27th, 8pm-10pm
Cargo Café, 120 Bay Street, Staten Island
“Community, Public, and Intervention Art: Creating Art in Your Community – A Cross-Borough Dialogue”
A Creative Conversation, hosted by the Americans for the Arts, the Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island, and SICoLab

Christoph and Trish (
Emcee C.M., Master of None (
Chen Tamir, Flux Factory (
Tattfoo Tan (

Moderated by Ginger Shulick, Director of Grants and Community Development for the Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island.

Learn about the work these artists are doing across NYC and beyond, followed by an informal dialogue on making art in your community, including possible partnerships and collaborations.

Link to the Advance announcement

See ya,


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