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TaC´s new band name

Victory Revolt by Uwe K.

Meet Uwe

Trish and Christoph are thrilled to announce the winner of their recent seeking-new-band-name-competition. Uwe K. came up with Victory Revolt!

Being a fellow Kraut like Christoph, had nothing to do with the outcome of this democratic online process. More than 23 people submitted over 80 suggestions. 35 people voted. "Victory (Blvd.) Revolt" was closely followed by "Smug Harbor", a play on Snug Harbor, Staten Island's former grand, now decaying cultural complex and "Hummer Attack!", referring to the locals' favorite choice of transportation.

Until now, Uwe was an inconspicuous legal immigrant from the impoverished nation of Germania, a small country in the heart of a continent called Europe. As a direct result of the dire economics of this beaten and humble nation, most Germans became conceptual artists, of which Heino and Helmut Kohl are probably the most prominent representatives.

Learn more about Uwe in Victory Revolt's first interview!

VR: First off: Congratulations for finding us a new band name! What was your inspiration?
Uwe: Leftover goulash from The Polish Place and two glasses of Single Malt whisky.

VR: Did you ever find new band names for other bands?
Uwe: I picked the name for my son, but he's not a band.

VR: What do you do when you don't ponder new band names?
Uwe: I drink a glass of Riesling and then write about it on

VR: Do you think you could put your finding-new-band-name-abilities in service for other pop groups, say such as Coldplay, Cindy und Bert, Renée and Renato or the Frozen Turd Waffles?
Uwe: I would give it a try. I'm a nice guy.

Uwe drums
German youth drumming  for the allied forces.
uwe trumpet
Young Germans often don't have anything but a trumpet to play with.

VR: Do you think Victory Blvd is due for a revolt? What would it look like?
Uwe: I have this vision that a new store may open on Victory that is not a beauty salon or Mexican CD store.

VR: Where do you see VR (TaC) going from here? (from the SI North Shore)
Uwe: South-east. VR will slowly but steadily expand their audience. Like huge.

VR: What do you like about VR (TaC), if anything?
Uwe: Catchy tunes with intelligent lyrics. And a multi-media show that rivals Kraftwerk's.

VR: What's you favorite (Tac) song?
Uwe: Mother, I'm moving to Richmond

VR: What neighborhood do you live in?
Uwe: In one with too many beauty salons.

VR: What music do you like?
Uwe: Gregorian Chants, Arvo Pärt, Monteverdi / Pan Sonic, Rafael Toral / Joy Division, Will Oldham, Felt, McCarthy, AC/DC, Bedhead, Palais Schaumburg, Cocteau Twins, And Also The Trees

VR: Uwe, we thank you for this interview and are looking forward to welcoming you to our next concert with free beer and the latest CD by Victory Revolt.

Uwe Sunny Uwe punk
Uwe K. in his days as a postwar-Germany poster model.

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