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TaC at Paramount Stapleton

June 21 Episode in Art Deco Lobby of Bay St. Theater

Dear Friends,

Trish and Christoph (Trish and Christoph kind of have to go by the name of Lars Mayer for some time as this is the [real] name under which they received funding) and the Staten Island Freak Corps are happy to announce that they finally found a venue for their upcoming show "The Return of the Great Blue Heron II." It's gonna be in the beautiful large renovated art-deco foyer of the Paramount Theater on Bay St in Stapleton. We’re very excited about this especially since we’ve photoshopped the façade into announcements in that past, always assuming that the interior is gone. But we can only refer to the lobby. We haven’t seen the main hall. That would have been a little presumptuous anyways as it was known in the 80ies as the place that hosted the Ramones, the The B52s, Public Image Limited, The Thompson Twins, David Johansen (of course) and many more. No, all we want is to hold hands with the Borough President, his agents and real estate representatives and Steven Segal (of course) in a combined effort to revitalize the north shore of Staten Island. Ka-Choo!

From this weekend on we will also have a few of our nicer found objects displayed in the unassuming storefront.

But before that show, we still have one coming up at the ETG,
May 23
, which should be something like a prequel to the main show at the theater on June 21.
We will still bother you with at least one announcement in that matter.

And here’s another one for that matter:

We are looking for volunteers that would like to get involved with our show on June 21 at the Paramount Foyer. All ages and genders. Singles, couples, families, it's all good. You don't have to sing or say something. If you can clap your hands and walk on two legs, that already almost qualifies you. Additionally it would be an asset if:

- You do not take yourself always too seriously.
- You like to dress interestingly in front of your partner or in public.
- You don't totally hate Staten Island.

We've posted the show's trailer on youtube. You can watch it here:
Or you can also download it in your Ipod compatible MPEG format here:

That much for now.

Enjoy the beautiful Spring weather!

Yours truly,

Lars Mayer
(Trish and Christoph)

Paramount high rez photos

paramount web

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