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TaC and Special Guest + show update

TaC and I am the Bison at ETG, May 23

Dear Friends,

Our next show, the prequel for the Return of the Great Blue Heron II:
This coming Friday, May 23rd at the ETG Book Cafe, 8pm.
Learn about potential connections between between UFOs, vinyl-sided town houses and rare bird species.

Listen to music.

We are looking forward to welcoming a very special guest:
I am the BISON, the one-man-band project of Sam Cohen, a member of up-and coming cult band Apollo Sunshine that incidentally plays at London's Wireless Festival on a stage with the New York Dolls. Listen and look at Sam's beautiful new songs at

And here's our latest headache regarding the June 21 Show at the Paramount theater lobby on Bay St.:
 After we received the owner's definite confirmation to have the show at the lobby, and after we've actually spent money printing posters and sent out our first announcement (!), the fire department stepped in and demanded all sprinklers being fixed. Only there were never sprinklers in the lobby and the ones in rest of the theater are too old and the theater is too big, according to the called-in fire suppression contractor. That doesn't mean it can't happen. But now we had to send the matter to a higher level, the Bureau of Fire Prevention, which directed us to the safety department of the Public Assembly Unit. That's where we are at at the moment and my gut feeling tells me that we won't receive approval by June 21. The good side of the matter is, that IF we'll get approval (and I believe we eventually will), it's gonna be an all official, legit event, which could open the door to more good things to come. Let's hope the officials are on our side, like they make you believe they are. So the road just got a little bumpier. But we're surrounded by good people that help us. We've been offered asylum at Gallery Six, which is, perfectly, right around the corner and which should be just the "other" perfect spot for the type of show we're preparing.

There's no change in dates:

May 23. ETG Book Cafe, 208 Bay St. 8pm
June 21, Gallery Six, 30 Beach St. 8pm
(Press release and background information: )

Yours truly,

Trish and Christoph
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