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TaC and SIFC at Gallery 6 this Saturday

New North Show Sequel

Hey Dudes, Dear Dudettes,
This Saturday night:
UFOs, vinyl siding and intrusive wildlife: A normal day on Staten Island.

Lars "Frank" C. Mayer, that is TaC and the Staten Island Freak Corps are presenting their latest musical revue, the Return of the Great Blue Heron II, with music, dance, film, photo and comedy.

Opening act will be Brooklyn based fishnet-clad ukulele-playing dangerously seductive mermaid Sweet Soubrette.

8pm at Gallery 6 on 30 Beach St. S.I.
Gallery 6 is a large special projects venue in Stapleton, right up from Tappen Park.
$5 cover.

This is also the day of Make Music NY. Meaning hundreds of musicians standing on every street corner all over the city and playing for your entertainment or annoyance. Plus it's also the last day of "Art by the Ferry." Art by the Ferry is a project by all major SI arts organizations, involving every single artist on Staten Island. All cutting edge. They've opened buildings that never had any connection to the arts, like the old nursing school on Stuyvesant Place. You can just wander through the many rooms and be shocked, pleased, excited or however you take it by the countless displays and arrangements. Definitely the perfect day to come out, take the boat and discover the north shore. And when you're all worn out and numbed, you come down to Gallery 6 at 8pm and get your last bits of sanity blown away.

Art by the Ferry:
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