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at ETG Bookstore Cafe, Tompkinsville, S.I. North Shore

Dear Friends,

How was the bird?

We finally put the finishing touches on our 2-year-long anticipated album, Vol 2.
Please join us for a full show by Trish and Christoph on December 1st at the ETG Cafe Bookstore. As for this special occasion, you'll have the official OK to bring your own bottle of wine. This is still a Cafe, so please no jello shots or open beer cans (i.e. Steel Reserve, Pabst Blue Ribbon).

As ususal, the upcoming show consists of two parts.

The first one will include new footage and unseen pictures of the North Shore. In parts of the performance Christoph will connect the dots in an incredibly confusing yet fascinating net of characters, including our own borough president,  TOTO (yes, that 80ies band!), Charles Bronson and the old Vaudeville Theater on Hyatt Street.

The second part consists of a musical performance by Trish and Christoph. We will also show and play alongside the provisionally final cut of our new home made music video "Dance Dance Revolution - fight back Staten Island Girl!" about the South Beach Arcades that are no more.

Please visit our new website at for more information and a taste of the forgotten boroug.

TaC (Trish and Christoph)
Record Release Soiree
Friday, Dec. 1st, 8pm - 10pm
ETG Bookstore and neighborhood stage
208 Bay Street (at Victory Blvd.)
ETG Cafe

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