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You are here : S.I. Headlines ╗ Staten Island Waterfront Festival 2011

Staten Island Waterfront Festival 2011

Photo Highlights of the 2011 Waterfront Festival

This year's Waterfront Festival, for the first time presented by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Borough President James P. Molinaro, was a wild success. In search for the appropriate wording to describe this years' one-of-a-kind event, I can't think of a better description than the one offered by my friend Tony, who just got off the festival area right before we arrived: "It is what it is!" A statement I heartily endorse. There were jewelery and toy vendors and the ethnic food line-up ranged from zeppole to pizza. There was also ice cream. Here are the highlights:

Macys balloons

Larger than life-sized Macy's balloons.

Pizza eating contest

The other highlight: Traditional pizza eating contest.

native american

Locals mix with natives.

Molinaro friends

And here, we were lucky enough to run into the great chieftain himself. The elected full-body, three-term representative of all peoples of Staten Island, Borough President James P. Molinaro.

Molinaro cell phone

Clearly, we didn't only elect this man for his effective hands-on approach of all things local but also for his witty sense of dressing adequately. Here, we see him with a blue checkered shirt and bright white semi-transparent synthetic leisure trousers. A black leather belt sports a black cellphone holder that allows for a quick draw. After all, the man might be expecting a phone call.

We'll be back in 2012!

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