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St. George night life

Advance explores Waterfront

The Advance (AWE) writes in his online piece from March 8, 2007, titled "On the Waterfront":  ... "Stumbling off the ferry after a late night, it's easy to miss St. George's charm. The wow-baby architecture. The hyperactive waterfront. The bullish construction. The history in the making -- and on the wall, literally."

I'm confused, so pardon me for taking apart this paragraph for a second:

"Stumbling off the ferry after a late night,"
- WHO stumbles off the Ferry (on the SI-side) AFTER a late night? I guess Islanders only. They usually go straight home.
"it's easy to miss St. George's charm." - Which charm again?? Ah, the "wow-baby architecture" - I understand: People are stumbling off the boat after partying in Manhattan to go sightseeing in Staten Island. Common thing. But then it's so dark at night and they can't see a damn thing so they miss the charming architecture. I see.
"The hyperactive waterfront" - Yeah, right! Baaaaanging! Everybody always meets at the waterfront, day and night.  
"The bullish construction." - bumm badabumm, niiiiiiiiiice!
"The history in the making -- and on the wall, literally." - What sort of history is in the making again, which wall again?

Advance article:

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