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Song Lyrics

North Shore, Sweet North Shore

There’s a mysterious Island
At the end of the tracks
Is where people that are going to
Are usually headed right back

When you walk down on Bay Street
On Victory, St. Marks
On the hills of old Richmond
You will truly open your heart

And all those hard working people
Others like to get stoned
But we all have something on common
We depend on the very same boat

North shore, sweet north shore  
I hold you in my chest
You’re the last one of the boroughs
But probably the best

There are thrift stores there are bakeries
A pizza, you just gotta stop
The slice is still on dollar fifty
And business is run by the mob

There are People of all colors
From Shanghai, to Katmandu
From Egypt, to Jamaica
And I guess, some Mexicans too

bridge and refrain…..

There’s a ballpark, down at the waterfront
For the Yankees, cause they never loose
They’re proudly singing the anthem
Others say, they’re just singing the blues

Have a pitcher, down at the storks nest
Happy hour from 10 until 5
Tequila with straw at the jukebox
Oh my dear, what an elegant dive

bridge and refrain…..

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