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Save Snug Harbor!


Subject: CACOPHONY! -  May 15

If you haven't yet decided to attend the CACOPHONY! art happening on Friday, May 15 from 4 to 8p.m., please come down to the pre-event meeting tonight, Tuedsay, May 12 at 9pm in The Cup, where we'll answer questions and put the event in focus.

We'll be going over the game plan, strategy, details, and rules. We'll also get a sense of who (how many) will be there, and the kinds of artists and art presentations we'll be coordinating so everything goes smoothly.

Bring friends! Bring inspiration! We need the support of Staten Island's art community to succeed. The Ancient and Secret Order of the Groundhog would love to welcome you as a member.

If you can't make tonight's meeting but are definately attending the event, let me know.

Staten Island Chuck


To all musicians, painters, writers, dancers, and artists of all disciplines: You are invited to come and participate in a creative experiment.

Since 1976, when Snug Harbor Cultural Center opened its gates, its mission has been to create and sustain a multifaceted cultural institution serving and shaped by its community. That mission is has fallen by the wayside as the Harbor is being run with no transparency, community input or collaboration with local artists.

Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art - PROGRAM EVISCERATED
Access Gallery - GONE
Artists in Residence program - GONE
Studio Artists program - PROGRAM EVISCERATED
Kids on Stage Final Performance - GONE
Music Together by Janet Savage - GONE
Melville's Cafe - GONE
Cafe Botanica - GONE
Maintenance of buildings and site - POOR
Chinese Scholar's Garden - MAINTENANCE POOR
Community access to site - UNDER SIEGE
Public Access to constituent organizations - POOR
Theater Program - GONE
First Night Festivities - GONE
Harmony Fair – GONE

Although the economic downturn has affected many arts and cultural institutions across the nation, Snug Harbor’s slow demise has been a long time coming. Not only is Staten Island's self-proclaimed “premier destination for culture and entertainment” not providing what it promises, but it has managed to neglect local artists and fails to embrace the borough’s growing and vibrant art scene.

On Friday, May 15th, 2009 Snug Harbor will be holding their biggest fundraiser of the year, the Neptune Ball. This event will be attended by Snug Harbor’s Board of Directors, major funders, politicos, and prominent Islanders and business leaders.

Our experiment, if you choose to participate, is to cause a large CACOPHONY across the road from where the Ball is held. As a local Staten Island artist, we are asking you to add your “voice” to the CACOPHONY. We will be creating our own alternate cultural center, complete with a FAUX CEO, in the meadow next to the Veteran’s Memorial Playhouse (the building with the bell).

Musicians & Bands – come have your rehearsal outside, come to jam and make some noise

Visual Artists – come create in the outdoors, bring your craft down and make some noise

Performance Artists – come rehearse, run lines, practice routines, dance and make some noise

Writers – come read your work to a captive audience, or come HOWL and make some noise

Photographers & Filmmakers – come capture the noise


We will be starting to make noise at 4pm and will keep the volume growing to a climax until around 7:30pm when a gong will sound to cue the start of sudden silence and a candlelight vigil for the death of art at Snug Harbor.

The rest is up to you, come show them the strength of our art community.

There are a few rules of engagement: NO AMPLIFIED SOUND, NO BOOZE, NO DRUGS, NO VIOLENCE and NO BACKING DOWN
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