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North Show February 10 at the ETG Book Cafe, Staten Island, NYC, 208 Bay Street, 8 -10pm.

Tools of the devil or innocent play?

italo suitcase spurs
Investigating St. George:

Swords, demons, horses and pickup trucks:

Do Italians lick toads?

married couple
This couple is about old enough to get into the serious business of married life.

We'll tell you what can happen if you skip fooling around and get settled too early.


Dear Friends,

Please join us for our first concert in 07, this coming Saturday, the 10th at the ETG Book Cafe. In terms of the program you can expect the following: Two new slide presentations, "S.I. beautification" and "Third World." Christoph will also rerun his last piece, "St. George and the Dragon", in which he invites the audience on a daring quest to find and fight the beast within. (Including wooden sword and body armor.) TOTO and Charles Bronson are still part of the adventure.  
In the second half of the performance, Trish and Christoph will sing their Songs of the North Shore and might even bring a couple of special guests on stage.

We'd also like to let you know that it is not totally inappropriate to bring your own personal share of booze, as long as you consume out of your paper bag, from the inside of your coat, in the bathroom or under the table. The whole performance will last appr. 2 hours and we don't wanna be interrupted by your jitters or rattling saucers. Please still buy a cup of juice or hot water to support our neighborhood coffee shop.

And don't forget to visit our website. There's some new imagery and still not enough rant in the guest book!

Links you might not have visited yet: (the perfect music for your Valentines date!)

Please come and bring a friend or date. If you tell us in advance that you're bringing your Valentine's date, we'll play a song for him/her, and publicly mention your terrific qualities. First come first serve.

February 10
8 - 10pm (Be there timely!)
208 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY

Yours truly,

Trish and Christoph
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Mona LeRoy GBH2 1 very SM
The Return of the Great Blue Heron 2.1
Snug Harbor Veterans Memorial Hall, May 30, 2009

Tobi Tim Dori web sm
The Myth of a True Story
Incredible true stories, Oct. 24, 2008.


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