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North Shore Eats

eat out, dive in & hang over

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Dosa Garden

very decently priced
Indian - Sri Lankan Restaurant
323 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10301
(718) 420-0919

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Taco Azteca

Cheap and rich.
Maybe the best Taco in the hood. Perfect for a quick lunch. Have a Taco con Chorizo ($2) and one Azteca (Taco with beef and cactus, $3), and you're stuffed.

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Enoteca Maria

Pricey 'n classy.
Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, 27 Hyatt St. 718 447 2777.
Probably the best Italian Restaurant on the Island with weekly changing menu and cooks from Italy. Feels like Manhattan!

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The Honduran Restaurant

Authentic, cheap and daring.
Little Bay St at Tompkinsville Park.
This is one of those place you wanna be a little adventurous. It's not Williamsburg so you might be the only Gringo. How cools is that? They hardly speak English but go for pollo fritto with platanos (plus rice and beans) and you'll be rewarded.

 old germans
Click on the image and see the friendly old German two-man-marching-band.

Killmeyers Old Bavarian, S.I. South Shore, 4252 Arthur Kill Road

Yes, yes, we know it's south shore. But people and tourists talk about it so we had to go and see ourselves. Nothing really wrong with it. The place offers all that you would expect from real German restaurant. Straightforward, nonchalant bar woman, a large variety of good draft beer and decent wurst-knackers with sweet and hot mustard. (didn't try the main menu). Plus the dark-wooden bar is a great display of old-fashioned craftmanship.
Great fun with friends visiting from Germany!

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