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No Facebook for Staten Island

Taken from Gawker, Media Gossip and Pop Culture

Found at:

Staten Island, home to that one thrift store we went to once, is sometimes called "the fifth borough." But not on popular social networking site "", which, according to the Richmond County Young Republicans Club, doesn't recognize the hellish fake-tanned monster island as a town or city.

As first reported in the Staten Island Advance (they have their own little newsletter! Cute!), if you're looking to create an event in Staten Island, Facebook will only let you pick New York, NY or Staten Island Junction, NJ, which is apparently a different place. Why anyone would want to create an event in Staten Island was not reported.

The perpetually outraged young Republicans dutifully sent a letter of complaint to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and though he didn't respond to calls for comment, Facebook officials told the New York Post that they're working day and night to fix the issue and allow people to begin inviting everyone in their networks to meet up at some New Brighton parking lot to get wasted before piling into an Escalade and driving into the city to get more wasted.

There's more rant on/about poor ol Richmond Town:

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