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Music we like

influences and inspirations

Our IT department said it's good for the visibility of a website to drop a few of those names that you think you sound like or wanna be associated with.

Well, There are millions of styles or bands that we like, which we won't name, because it would simply mislead visitors. Let's start early on with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. My father considered this part of a general humanist education. 
Then, I really always liked Steely Dan for their sophistication in recording, production, and melody.
I also always totally enjoyed comedy and satire. For years I had a subscription to the notorious German satire magazine "Titanic". So I had to like Frank Zappa. And I still do. I remember reading a quote where Zappa said something like "musicians shouldn't take themselves and their music seriously, ever." It sounds odd at first but it's all so true. Think of all these serious, super cool musicians acting on stage and looking on band pictures as if they carry all the burdens of the Third World and their music is so deep that don't have a choice but to become alcoholic. It's not to say that there aren't a large number of serious and great musicians out there. Look at Elliot Smith, he's so depressed but so good.
But we certainly also like the light stuff,  Joni Mitchell, Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris, They Might be Giants, Loretta Lynn ....
And then, sure we do like all these things that often don't have anything in common. Someone once said that he liked about our show and music that you never know what's next. I hope we can keep it up in that unpredictable way and I guess that's why we like WFMU so much.

Great acts that don't really go together:

Guided by Voices
Dixie Chicks (we hope you saw "Shut up and Sing!")
The Onion ("Hä?? That's not a band!" "No, but it's funny. And we're not only making music")
The Streets

Hall and Oates
Black Sabbath

Van Morrison
Cat Stevens
Neko Case
Gillian Welch
Bluegrass in general
The Beta Band

Beck (though I can't really get over that Scientology thing)
June Carter Cash
The Replacements
Richard and Linda Thompson
Ben Folds
Bonnie Raitt

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Mona LeRoy GBH2 1 very SM
The Return of the Great Blue Heron 2.1
Snug Harbor Veterans Memorial Hall, May 30, 2009

Tobi Tim Dori web sm
The Myth of a True Story
Incredible true stories, Oct. 24, 2008.


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