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You are here : Links fun for all Little Adolf Hitler´s Birthday Cake

Little Adolf Hitler´s Birthday Cake

WalMart decorates Cake for Nazi Toddler

Yes yes, one should feel bad for the poor kid with such a name, but what's the misery of one, probably well cared of, Aryan toddler in the face of the misery of million others with better names? One can't help but being creepily entertained by all the situations that this poor kid might encounter. Will Adolf Hitler be tyrannized in school or will he tyrannize? Will he ally with his brother Aryan Nation and immigrate to a small town in northeastern Germany?
Anyway, I'm sure the day comes he curses his parents, and the parents the day they came up with that great idea.

adolf campbell
I'm sure Adolf's and Aryan Nation's
parents have already discovered Heide
Gummi Bears. Great packaging and
they're really good, seriously!
Heide Bears
Check out the article: 
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