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Ingrid Michaelson

Islanders that make us proud, seriously

True Stories
 ingrid billboard

tac wedding

tac wedding CD

Other islanders that make us proud

Islander Ingrid Michaelson was on the cover of the Billboard Magazine for January 2008. This is big. The opening tags read: The end of the old Music Business? - Or the Face of the new one?
And here's why we are particularly excited about this: Ingrid was one of the first people we met when Christoph moved to Stapleton in 2000. She served coffee and cake at the (then) Muddy Cup, where Christoph played classical guitar every Sunday.

ingrid backyard

We got to know her, not only as an apt waitress, but also witty and talented person that clearly had, and obviously has, what it takes to be a top selling artist: Charm, charisma, looks, great vocals, brains and virtuous piano skills. And she writes her own songs!

 Ingrid Michaelson

Hey, we're not taking any credit for her success but it seemed obvious, just a matter of time until she was gonna be discovered. We were so lucky to have her play on our wedding in our backyard in June 2004. She literally made some of our guests cry. At the same time, this particular day was also the birth of Trish and Christoph as a performing act. Though we didn't play live then, the recording of our first three songs was designed to be our wedding favor. The songs meant to be a somewhat smooth, humorous introduction to our sometimes not so smooth and funny neighborhood. It was the first chapter, the beginning of our song cycle "Songs from the North Shore."


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