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ETG's 3rd Birthday

Tac on Oct 11 at the ETG Book Cafe

Dear Parents,

On Saturday, Oct. 11, the ETG Book Café will turn 3! It’s now officially a toddler. It doesn’t need diapers and can speak in almost complete sentences. It is successfully making efforts in being funny and entertaining. Like every other toddler, it wants to be in the center of attention. And it is still very attached to its parents, which are great parents, for they really take good care of it and are always there for it. ETG loves to have its friends come over and play. So will we, (still) Trish and Christoph, and other peers, such as the Wahoo Skiffles.

Trish and Christoph
Sat, Oct 11th
ETG Book Café, 208 Bay Street

----- end of announcement.

----- beginning of rant:

What’s the matter with you folks? I must not have been clear in my last announcement from July 18. I said: the ONE who can find us a new band name receives FREE BEER!!! Free beer, free admission to our next paid gig, AND a free CD. I cannot imagine that the prospect of gratis alcohol in times of economic instability wouldn’t inspire more than just a couple of our most faithful fans. Please trust your imagination and go to:

See suggested names here:

Or post your suggestion directly here:

Yours truly,

Lars Mayer

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