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You are here : North Shore Blog ╗ Decision ´08

Decision '08

Reactions and Erections

If it would have been for the Mid-Island and South Shore,
we would have made history in electing a moose hunting barby doll as vice president.
 MCCain wins SI

And more than that: The South Shore would have voted for Bob Straniere, a former hot dog king, for Congress. A candidate that hasn't been endorsed by a single Republican, and that "brought nothing but grief to the Republican Party," according to former Borough President Guy Molinari. "I’d pay for a one-way ticket for him to go any place in the country just to get [him] out of our hair."

The paper (The Observer) also says Straniere is accused, in his previous incarnation as an Assemblyman, of being "unresponsive to constituents, distracted by countless lawsuits filed against him by former business partners, and rarely actually in the district."

And since Obama's CHANGE campaign was so successful, you wouldn't have been surprised if a phoney like Straniere would have stolen the slogan, just like McCain unsuccessfully did. That's what it could have looked like:
Straniere Obama
"Mom, it's the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms!"
palin kids

Here's what public officials on Staten Island had to say about John McCain's selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate:
William Smith,
local Republican Party member and political junkie:
"I think it's terrific. She's a completely new and fresh face, she has a compelling story, and she is about as far from Washington as you can get."
 ODDO City Councilman James Oddo,
(R-Mid Island):
"I think it's fascinating...It creates a buzz and a draw that without it, we wouldn't have had for the Republican Convention."

IGNIZIO City Councilman Vincent Ignizio,
(R-South Shore):
"I think Governor Palin's pick as Vice President nominee will propel the Republican party to victory this November. Staten Islanders in particular will relate to her as the do-it-all woman -- a mom, wife, public servant and prudent fiscal manager. Her experience as the chief executive of a state, and core conservative philosophy will be a great asset to Senator McCain and assure a victory for us in 67 days This is truly historic time for our party and country."

Party in Kenya...
obama Kenya family

And remember this snap shot, when ol' McCain almost fell off stage after the last debate. There are some hilarious photo-shopped versions on WFMU's blog (
I've posted one too):

 mccain tongue
McCain bongo
this was one of my favorites.

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