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Best of the Boroughs, B.O.B.

Trish and Christoph in Manhattan, Act 2

tac Northshore HotDogs
 Dear Friends,

For the second time ever Trish and Christoph are scheduled to perform in Manhattan, at Performance Space 122, 150 First Ave @9th Street, Friday, April 6th, at 8pm. This time we've been invited to play a short set for the "Best of the Boroughs"  celebration, "B.O.B".
Hey, wait a minute - best of the boroughs should mean that we line up with the Wu-Tan Clan, Christina Aguilera, Joan Baez and Steven Segal - ouch!! If that is so, please come and support us! 9 (and make sure to join our friend's list, so you know what's coming up!)


Here's an excerpt from the show producer's announcement:

Peripherally Yours...With Love, Staten Island

A two-part special series investigating the wild and wacky world of NYC's Forgotten Borough.


Friday April 6th and Saturday April 7th at 8pm at P.S. 122

Reverend Adele from Mystikal Wonders - on why S.I. is the hub of all Wiccan activity in NYC
Trish & Christoph lead a guided tour of the North Shore and a song...Simon & Garfunkel meet Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Jesse Tigner Hayden McCrary, Jr. (Kris'  & Sara's landlord!) - presents "Men Dancing , " a pas de deux in the nude
Tiokasin Ghosthorse - Native American storyteller and flute player, host of WBAI's First Voices Radio performs live
Century Dance Complex -
present a traditional African dance by Liberian artist Rose Kingston & her dancers
Elektro Motif - presents interactive poetry and music, featuring Doug Principato, Will Wyn, Marguerite Rivas and Andre Martinez

    Artists, activists, the international jet set, nudists, witches, free spirits, and immigrants from across the globe call Staten Island home.

Meet but a handful of the Island's wonderful characters next week at Little Miss Big Mouth!

Tickets are normally $20,
$15 for students and seniors and $10 for members.

**** There is a special $10 ticket available to people on this list. ****

Use the code word "Chuck" when ordering your $10 ticket.

There are no fees for purchasing tickets --- be warned: codes can be discontinued at any time.
Enter Chuck at or mention by phone at 212.352.3101, or at the Box Office. This code will get you a $10 ticket for any other BOB performance, courtesy of Little Miss Big Mouth.

To purchase tickets online, see:

Little Miss Big Mouth has been selected to represent Staten Island at P.S. 122's "Best of the Boroughs" festival, a new super-charged celebration that takes audiences on a tour of the city's brightest theatre, dance and performance.

Sara Valentine is a resident of Staten Island's North Shore.
Little Miss Big Mouth, her live, theatrical talk show and performance series, has been introducing audiences to some of Downtown's most eclectic performers for 9.5 years.
Sara is a member of the Hungry March Band, and is a past curator of the HOWL! Festival of East Village Arts.
Little Miss Big Mouth, in its talk show format, combines Sara's love for performance with her passion for learning the stories of people's lives, and in general, not being able to keep her mouth shut.

Food provided by Panini Grill of Forest Avenue in Staten Island

Features for both nights:

Jenny Tango & Maureen Seaberg - Octagenarian feminist artist meets the undercover reporter of S.I. in their shared role as co-hosts

The Little Miss Big Mouth House Band - Fronted by Sari Rubinstein of Rubulad and featuring Mary Feaster of the Circus Amok Band, a resident Islander who will perform an "Ode to the Dancing Aliens" of Staten Island

Also in the house band: Viva and Kim of the all-girl world dance band Paprika

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