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Esteemed Dudes,
Hello Ladies,

How’s everything? Good? Good!

1. For top news, go to our website. We’re looking for your participation!

2. We’re playing tonight, Friday, at the ETG at 8pm.
Why such a late announcement? Don’t we want people to come? Yes, we don’t. That is, we haven’t really rehearsed since June 21. Meaning we don’t really have our act together. It’s been too hot. It’s the lull of summer. So I plan to just sit down on stage with a cool beer and explore some local stories with you. Like the one where the cops shot the cop-turned-turncoat-bodyguard in Rosebank. Or another story of interest for that matter: The opening of the trial of Rebekah Johnson, the crazy woman accused of shooting a member of the Ganas commune in ‘06. Jeff’s testimony will take place this Monday at St. George state Supreme Court. I think the matter is of public concern as this woman not only tried to kill someone, but also terrorized the people of a commune that we all know as deeply loving and caring for their neighbors and neighborhood. When she was caught they found a Kalashnikov under her bed. Let’s hope she’ll be put away for sometime.

So I’ll be talking about whatever comes around and occasionally grab my guitar and sing a few tunes, with Trish. Yes, Trish will be there too. She has a new haircut. We don’t have new songs but we actually both have new haircuts. Some say she looks like Selma Blair. Does that make me look like Hellboy? I don’t know but I think I know what hell must feel like. It’s an untrained Mexican hairdresser giving you a shave with a dull blade and dried-up shaving crème. Luckily, due a cultural misunderstanding, or a simple act of clemency, she spared my upper lip so that I got home - purified with mustache.
Anywho’s, --- [yawn, stretch] what a lazy summer. I’ll promise I’ll be raising hell for you later in the year. But for now, I’m taking things slowly.

That’s it, youse take it easy now, have a cool summer and stay out of trouble, promise?

Christoph & Trish
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